Nico beantwortet eure Fragen

Nico beantwortet eure Fragen

Vor seinem letzten Testtag in dieser Woche mit dem W05 in Jerez nahm sich Nico am Donnerstagnachmittag die Zeit, um die Fragen seiner Fans zu beantworten!

Von seinem Helmdesign und ERS über Fußball-Tipps bis hin zu Käse - dieses Live-Twitter-Interview brachte einige einzigartige über Nico zum Vorschein. Und das hatte er zu sagen...


Guess who just turned up in the office? Yep, Nico Rosberg is doing his warm-up for the Q&A!

NR6: Hi guys, Nico here ready for your questions!


Make a prediction about the 2014 FIFA World Cup? Which place will Germany get? I bet P1!

NR6: Notice the #6!!!! That’s an easy one. Germany beat England in the final penalty shootout


If you could go back in time and drive in any car what would it be?

NR6: 1980s turbo cars. Great fun but too dangerous!!!!


Hi Nico, have you seen The Wolf of Wall Street starring you?

NR6: Yes I have. Do you think I deserve the Oscar?


What's your Keepy-Up record with the football before you get in the car?

NR6: I have done so much keepy-uppies for years every time before getting into the race car I think I could go on for a very very long time.


How big is the difference between KERS and ERS. Do you feel the electric impulse pushing more forward?

NR6: You can’t really compare to last year but for sure it is a hell of a big boost. I feel it only when it switches off midway down straight.


Nico, the Merc sounds good, how does the power output feel, have you had a chance to give it full beans?

NR6: Engine has good power but strange because it’s so much more quiet and low rpm...


Hi Nico! How do you keep busy during the long flights? Have a great season!

NR6: I like watching TV Series. Just Finished watching Breaking Bad.


Which of the current F1 tracks is, in your opinion, the toughest to drive and which is your favourite?

NR6: Monacooooooo. Only the best driver can win there :))))


Hi Nico, what's your favourite cheese?

NR6: Pecorino all the way. Not sure what that is in English. Sheep cheese anyways.


Hi Nico. What is your favourite vehicle from Mercedes-Benz?

NR6: I’m fed up of refuelling my car every second day. I’m getting the Smart Brabus electric car now!!!


Hey Nico! What did you do during winter break??

NR6: Austria training and family time. Mainly snow shoe walking to the hut on the peak and meeting family who went skiing up there.


What's on your iPod?

NR6: Avicii at the moment for example


Can you explain the design of your new helmet?

NR6: My fiancé said it was time to have a cool design as a bit of a full on attack for 2014 statement!


Describe the Mercedes V6 Power Unit in 1 word.

NR6: Mind-blowing. Because so impressive and so complicated :)


Rosberg do any of your mates still think they are a better driver than you?!

NR6: Probably this guy called Lewis


NR6: I’m out of here, thanks everyone!!!

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