• F1 W08 EQ Power+

A new era of aerodynamic regulations

Formula One entered a new era of aerodynamic regulations in 2017, with substantial rule modifications producing cars that not only looked great, but were also much faster too.

Following on from the team’s domination the previous season, the F1 W08 EQ Power+ had a tough target to reach. No team had ever won Championships across a major rule change but Mercedes were determined to do so.

For 2017, the cars, front wings and rear wings increased in width, while the rear diffuser became longer and a number of new aero elements (such as the shark fin and T-wing) featured.

The size of the tyres also increased by around 25%, creating more mechanical grip, while teams were restricted to just four Power Units across the course of the season – down from five engines, in 2016.

It was the fourth consecutive Championship double for Mercedes

F1 may have gone through another considerable revolution, but Mercedes remained the team to beat, taking 12 victories across the course of 2017 and 15 pole positions too.

However, the team came under intense pressure from Ferrari, particularly in the first half of the year, and also had Red Bull Racing to contend with later in the season.

But, the W08 proved to be unbeatable in the end, with Mercedes securing the Constructors’ Championship in the USA and Lewis Hamilton storming to the Drivers’ crown in Mexico.

It was the fourth consecutive Championship double for Mercedes, with the team reaching the incredible goal of being the first to win back-to-back titles across rule change.

The W08 completed 7,789 laps (which is 38,870km), 382,233 gear changes, 127,802 corners and 311,560,000 fuel injections on its way to the title double.

Technical data

Monocoque Moulded carbon fibre and honeycomb composite structure
Front Suspension Carbon fibre wishbone and pushrod-activated torsion springs and rockers
Rear Suspension Carbon fibre wishbone and pullrod-activated torsion springs and rockers
Wheels OZ forged magnesium
Tyres Pirelli
Brake System Carbone Industrie Carbon / Carbon discs and pads with rear brake-by-wire
Brake Calipers Brembo
Steering Power assisted rack and pinion
Steering Wheel Carbon fibre construction
Gearbox Eight speed forward

Power Unit: Mercedes-AMG F1 M08 EQ Power+

Minimum Weight 145 kg
Capacity 1.6 litres
Cylinders Six
Bank Angle 90
No of Valves 24
Max rpm ICE 15.000 U/Min.
Max Fuel Flow Rate 100 kg/hour