1st race, 1st win – The Legend of the Silver Arrows Continues!

1st race, 1st win – The Legend of the Silver Arrows Continues!

When the Mercedes-Benz W25 took victory on its competitive debut in 1934, few could have imagined how far automotive technology would advance over the next 80 years. How fitting, then, that the 2014 Australian Grand Prix would mark a debut victory for the latest generation of Silver Arrow; the F1 W05.

Betwixt these two ground-breaking machines came the W196R. Equally revolutionary in its conception and equally successful on the circuit, it forms a trio of Silver Arrows to have made victorious starts to their respective racing careers.

Here, we take a look at the differences – and similarities – between three landmark machines in the Mercedes-Benz motorsport story.

Characteristic W25 W196R F1 W05
Active Years 1934-1936 1954-1955 2014
Debut 1934 Eifelrennen 1954 French Grand Prix 2014 Australian Grand Prix
Result 1st 1st 1st
Displacement 3360 cc 2496 cc 1600 cc
Configuration In-line In-line V
Cylinders Eight Eight Six
Aspiration Supercharged Normally aspirated Turbocharged
Fuel Supply Carburettor Direct injection Direct injection
Forward Gears Four Five Eight
Chassis Aluminium body, box section steel frame Aluminium body, tubular steel frame Carbon fibre composite
Overall Length 2,725 mm 4,025 mm (Monoposto)
4,360 mm (Streamliner)
4,800 mm
Overall Width 1,770 mm 1,625 mm (Monoposto)
1,680 mm (Streamliner)
1,800 mm
Overall Height 1,160 mm 1,040 mm (Monoposto)
1,020 mm (Streamliner)
950 mm
Weight 750 kg 835 kg (Monoposto)
829 kg (Streamliner)
691 kg
Safety Goggles Crash helmet Cockpit survival cell incorporating impact resistant construction and penetration panels, front impact structure, prescribed side impact structures, integrated rear impact structure, front and rear roll structures

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