Milestones & Memories – Bahrain

Milestones & Memories – Bahrain

Track Record

  • 2006 – Eight Years Ago

Nico Rosberg sets his first fastest race lap in Formula One at the Bahrain Grand Prix

  • 2007 – Seven Years Ago

Lewis Hamilton takes his first front row start in Formula One at the Bahrain Grand Prix

  • 4 April 2010 – Four Years Ago

Nico Rosberg takes his first front row start in Formula One at the Malaysian Grand Prix

  • 2014 – Present Day

This year’s Bahrain Grand Prix marks the 150th Formula One career start for Nico Rosberg

Remember When....

2010 – Four Years Ago

The Mercedes-Benz marque returned to Formula One as a constructor after a 55 year absence, with Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg bringing their MERCEDES GP PETRONAS cars home in fifth and sixth positions respectively at the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix. Starting on option tyres from fifth on the grid, Nico had a great start to overtake future Silver Arrows team-mate Lewis Hamilton into turn six and move up to fourth position. Michael, starting from seventh on the grid, was running in sixth and also using the softer rubber. The pair made only one stop during the race, Michael on lap 15 and Nico on lap 16, to switch to the prime tyres. Nico lost a position to Lewis during the round of pit stops, with the MERCEDES GP PETRONAS pairing remained in fifth and sixth positions for the remainder of the 49-lap race. Nico chased down Sebastian Vettel in the closing stages but was unable to pass in the turbulent air. The result kicked off MERCEDES GP PETRONAS’ season in third position in the Constructors’ Championship with 18 points.

Mercedes-Benz Heritage

  • 6 April 1909 – 105 Years Ago

Hermann Lang is born. Lang competed in a single Formula One race weekend for the Silver Arrows at the 1954 German Grand Prix

  • April 1894 – 120 Years Ago

With the Motor Velocipede ("Velo"), Benz & Cie. adds a very reasonably priced compact model to its sales range. The Benz Velo becomes the world's first volume-produced automobile: a total of 1200 units in all variants are built up to 1901.

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