Nico Rosberg, Live and Uncut!

Nico Rosberg, Live and Uncut!


NR6: Hi everyone, ready for your questions now! Go for it; ask what you want and don’t hold back! :)


As a driver, how much input do you have on the design of a car? Do you keep an eye on design developments?

NR6: This year I was mainly involved in driving the simulator to develop certain aspects of the car. like some funky aero or mechanical parts.


How are drivers protected from the risk of a potential electric shock when you are inside the cockpit?

NR6: There is no risk because there’s rubber between the ground and the car, but when you jump out of the car you are not allowed to touch the car and the ground at same time.


Who do you think will be the top goal scorer at this summer's World Cup? :)

NR6: Thomas Müller from Germany for sure. He is on it at the moment and has a great team, so he will play many games in the World Cup.


If you could bring back any circuit not on the 2014 calendar, which would you pick?

NR6: (Kyalami) South Africa. It would be awesome to race there!


When you cross the line after winning and see the team on the pit wall cheering, what do you feel? A rush, goosebumps?

NR6: The condition for retweeting is that you change your twitter name to GoNico!. It’s such a special feeling, just ecstatic!


Outside of F1, is there a competitive game you and Lewis Hamilton take part in?

NR6: We compete in everything, but my favourite is backgammon; love playing that with friends.


What is your best road car to drive?

NR6: The smart-BRABUS electric; awesome power and looks, plus i don’t have to constantly be at the fuel station!


What's your favourite track on the F1 calendar?

NR6: Surprise surprise… Monaco!


Last year you had a great advantage in qualifying; do you think this year it will be qualifying or the race in terms of pace?

NR6: Qualifying is less important this year because not only will tyres be critical in the race, but also fuel. The focus must be on race pace and we are on the right track currently.


¿Que opinas de los nuevos circuitos de esta temporada (RedBull Ring y Sochi)? I know you are good talking spanish ;)

NR6: RedBull Ring lo conosco muy bien y me gusta mucho; va a ser un gp fantastico! Sotchi no lo se. Siguro han echo un buen circuito!


Hi Nico! I'd love to read your opinion about the "double points" saga... thanks and good luck!

NR6: It sucks…


Can you reach top speed even without DRS and ERS activated?

NR6: No way! The ERS is a massive boost down the straight; unbelievably powerful!


NR6: Thanks a lot for your questions! Check out my own twitter @nico_rosberg

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