Toto: “We want to make this next phase of the season even better”

Toto: “We want to make this next phase of the season even better”

"It has been good for the sport to take a break during these past two weeks after an intense start to the season. Aside from the demanding schedule which we encounter each and every year, the challenges of this new formula have placed an extra demand on all the people who have worked so hard to produce what is an almost entirely new car for these revolutionary regulations. The big positive from that, however, is that what we have already seen an impressive display in terms of both the technology underneath the drivers and some spectacular racing on track. Looking ahead to Spa, and also reflecting on our recent performances, it is clear that reliability must be a key focus for the team if we are to maintain the hard-earned advantage established in the opening stages of the year. We approach the remaining eight races with the firm target of making this next phase of the season even better than what we have achieved so far. Although the team has done a fantastic job, we are fully aware that this Championship is far from decided – as demonstrated clearly in Hungary by the performance of some of our competitors. As always, we are taking nothing for granted."


Mercedes-Benz Heritage

20 August 1939 – 75 Years Ago:
The Swiss Grand Prix at the Bremgarten circuit near Bern ends with a triple triumph for Mercedes-Benz: Hermann Lang wins, followed by Rudolf Caracciola and Manfred von Brauchitsch to end the season as the most successful driver.

22 – 23 August 1914 – 100 Years Ago:
In Elgin, Illinois/USA, Ralph DePalma wins the Chicago Automobile Club Trophy and the Elgin National Trophy. His racing car is a 4.5-litre Grand Prix Mercedes acquired from DMG after the triple victory in Lyon in July 1914.


2013 Belgian Grand Prix – One Year Ago:
Lewis Hamilton takes the 275th Formula One podium finish for Mercedes-Benz power – his fifth for the team during an impressive debut season with the Silver Arrows

2001 Belgian Grand Prix – 13 Years Ago:
David Coulthard takes the 100th Formula One podium finish for Mercedes-Benz power with second place at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps.

1955 Belgian Grand Prix – 59 Years Ago:
Sir Stirling Moss takes the tenth Formula One podium finish for the Silver Arrows around the original 14km Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps.

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