Lewis: “It’s a great feeling to be back up here and who knows – P2 might be a blessing in disguise…”

Lewis: “It’s a great feeling to be back up here and who knows – P2 might be a blessing in disguise…”

Lewis, you were right in the hunt all the way through qualifying but it seemed Q3 wasn’t quite as comfortable for you – why was that?

I had a glazed front-left brake, so the car was pulling to the right and there was nothing I could do on the out laps to try to get rid of that, which mean I was struggling under braking. This is a circuit where – as on all circuits – you need to have confidence in the brakes and I had to bring the braking point a little bit further back. So I was losing time – out of turn one in particular.

What issues does the glazing cause and how can it be resolved?

When it glazes, it’s sometimes very hard to recover, especially in the wet. You have to put the brake balance forwards, but whilst you’re trying to clear that you’re also overheating the rears so it’s really not that easy to always clear. In the evening they’re able to scrub it and get rid of the glazing. I think it goes shiny and then you lose that bite so hopefully over the evening we will lose that and in the dry tomorrow it shouldn’t be a problem.

Before that it looked like you were enjoying yourself out there, though. How much can you enjoy driving in conditions like these?

It's more fun in the dry but it’s still a huge challenge and the conditions were quite good.

It’s been a difficult period for you on Saturday afternoons. Although you must be disappointed to miss out on pole, does this nevertheless gives you the kind of platform you’ve been looking for to challenge on a Sunday?

I’m not disappointed today actually. If you look at the previous years, P2 is the best place to start here so I feel quite blessed that this is the case. I started on pole here last year and Sebastian flew past me down the top straight, so I think it gives you the most opportunity here at the start. I’m just happy to be up here. I was a bit nervous going into qualifying - wondering if everything would come together after the troubles I've had during recent weekends. But it's great to see that all the hard work the team has put in is paying off and it’s a great feeling to be back up here. Who knows, it might be a blessing in disguise.

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