Nico: “It’s one of the most special circuits of the year, so to be in front here is great”

Nico: “It’s one of the most special circuits of the year, so to be in front here is great”

Nico, your first Spa pole! Tell us how special the feeling is right now?

Yeah, it’s awesome, definitely, at this track. It’s one of the most special circuits of the year, so to be in front here is great. It was not quite as difficult out there as on some other occasions as the conditions were pretty much always intermediates, just varying slightly, so that made it a bit easier today. But still, it’s always difficult on this track in the wet, so I’m really, really happy. The car was handling well and together with my engineers we fine-tuned it perfectly in qualifying. So, in the end I was really feeling comfortable and able to push, so that was fantastic. It’s only qualifying and there’s still a long race tomorrow, but of course I’m very happy.

In terms of the detail, the first sector was always particularly strong for you throughout this qualifying session – why was that?

I’m not sure, it’s Eau Rouge mainly that makes the first sector. I was feeling good through there, really going for it and maybe that’s where the time was made. I haven’t looked yet.

You’ve never been on the podium before in Spa and clearly there’s a big fight in prospect tomorrow, in what looks set to be a dry race, with Lewis and Sebastian. Your thoughts on tomorrow’s Grand Prix?

Again, we have a great car here. We’re leading the way and it’s so cool to see that the team is doing such a great job – just keeping it going all the time, staying ahead and keeping that gap. That’s nice to see. So yeah, we definitely have a really good chance tomorrow. I need to get a strong start and from there I’m looking forward to it.

It’s been a great season for the team so far, but was there any specific reason in your mind as to why the car has been so strong this weekend? Perhaps the conditions?

I have really no idea. It was amazing to see how quick our car is. That was really great. Obviously then it was just Lewis I had to focus on and that makes it a bit easier too – when there’s not a whole bunch of people you’re fighting against but just one other guy. The car was really impressive today and I think even in the dry we would have been strong. Maybe the others would have been a little bit closer – it’s difficult to say exactly. I’m not too sure about that but in the wet, clearly the gap was a lot bigger and our car was really dominant.

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