Keeping it Cool…

Keeping it Cool…

World-leading fan and motor provider ebm-papst has just joined the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS family as the first major partner to enter Formula One as a direct consequence of the new efficiency based rules introduced for the 2014 season and beyond!

To celebrate, we’ve put together a few facts you might not have realised about the importance of keeping it cool in the melting pot of Formula One… enjoy!

Off-Board Cooling

ebm-papst has developed, in conjunction with the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One™ team, a highly specialised off-board cooling solution optimised for the sidepod radiators and roll-hoop of the F1 W05 race cars which will be deployed when the car is on the grid and in the garage at all Grands Prix and test sessions.

Ambient temperatures at Formula One races can reach up to 40°C with ambient on-car temperatures up to 75°C and an operating temperature of over 120°C for the sidepod radiators.

In order to achieve the optimal performance for the cars, ebm-papst has used their latest in fan technology. For grid and parc ferme the sidepods and roll-hoop will be cooled with the new ‘S Force’ axial fans (4114N/2H8P) whose performance curve match the high back-pressure characteristics of the Mercedes system and provide a 518% improvement in delivered airflow. This high performance contained within a small packaging size meets the requirements for a small portable powerful system.

When the car is in the garage, the sidepods and roll-hoop will be cooled via a larger low-noise forward-curved centrifugal solution where the motor and impellor have been integrated into a bespoke designed scroll housing to fit perfectly on to the car for maximum performance and low noise in the garage environment.

Garage Heat Extraction and Cooling

As the worldwide leader in efficient fans and motors, ebm-papst have developed a bespoke high efficiency heat extraction and cooling solution for the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS team garage that will be implemented during the 2014 Formula One season.

With the garage temperature reaching up to 45°C at tracks such as Singapore, ebm-papst will ensure the best possible environment for the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS team, its’ drivers and guests.

Further Technical Working Groups

During 2015, ebm-papst’s highly skilled engineers will also design and implement further cooling solutions for the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Operations Centre in Brackley, UK. This will enable the team to reduce electricity usage and CO2 emissions to further support the facility’s ISO14001 status.

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