Lewis: “I couldn’t believe it – but I’m always up for the fight”

Lewis: “I couldn’t believe it – but I’m always up for the fight”

What happened out there this afternoon Lewis?

I had baled out of my timed lap because I had to engage some different settings on the brake system to correct a problem. Then coming out of the second to last corner, the engine just died. I was hoping to at least roll back to the garage and fix it – then I looked in the mirrors and saw the rear end was on fire. I was still hoping to somehow get it back to the garage, hoping the guys could do something. Then they told me on the radio to stop and that was it.

What did you think when it happened?

I can’t really tell you what went through my mind right then! I couldn’t really believe it but that’s the way it is. I feel relaxed because I didn’t make any mistakes but I would have loved to do qualifying and to have had the opportunity for an easier weekend. But that’s the way it is. These things are sent to try us and how I come out of it is what’s important. Now I just have to try and put my focus on tomorrow, and try and somehow turn this into a positive. There’s nothing else I can do.

Are you frustrated by this run of bad luck?

We went through the practice sessions with hardly any problems, and I was fastest in all of them, and I can’t believe it happened again. I think it’s getting to a point beyond bad luck and we need to do better. This is one of the hardest circuits to overtake on and honestly I don’t know what I can do – it may be a struggle to get into the top 10 or the top five.

But are you still up for the fight?

I’m always up for the fight. I’ll do what I can from there.

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