Nico: “The safety car came out at the worst possible moment”

Nico: “The safety car came out at the worst possible moment”

It was a confident start until the safety car came out. What happened after that?

The safety car came out at the worst possible moment and I just missed the pit entry so I couldn’t box; I lost a lot of positions as a result. In a race like today which was so up and down, many things happen and the strategy perhaps wasn’t the right thing to do. I am annoyed that I couldn’t pass Lewis at the end of the race because I did have an opportunity.

What about the radio messages going back and forth asking Lewis to let you through given you were on a different strategy?

The team informed me that he was going to let me past. I don’t know what happened then but we will discuss this internally.

How difficult were the conditions out there, particularly changing from the wet weather to dry later in the race?

It was very difficult to change from the wet tyres to slicks, especially to try and then overtake because any time you went off the dry line, it went into the wet part of the track again, so that was tricky.

You are still in the lead of the championship going into the summer break, what are your overall reflections of the first half of the season?

All in all it’s been a great start to the season and there’s a lot more to look forward to as we move towards the end of the season. It’s a team effort and we can be happy with the most part, but we still need to learn from today and do better.

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