Toto: “The new circuit in Sochi looks impressive”

Toto: “The new circuit in Sochi looks impressive”

"I think the whole paddock left Japan feeling numb after what happened at the end of the race on Sunday. I know I speak on behalf of everyone at Brackley, Brixworth and Stuttgart when I say our thoughts are with Jules and his loved ones. As we head to Russia for the first time, what should have been the excitement of exploring new territories for the sport has been overshadowed by the events of Suzuka. The new circuit in Sochi looks impressive and, if we think back to the Winter Olympics, I am sure we will see an event the country can be proud of, with many new fans turning out to see our sport's debut race in Russia."


Mercedes-Benz Heritage

8 October 1984 - 30 Years Ago:
A test programme supported by the Federal Ministry for Research and Technology in Germany gets underway in Berlin with hydrogen-powered vehicles under the spotlight. Five Mercedes-Benz 280 TE models equipped with petrol-hydrogen dual-fuel systems and five 310 vans powered by pure hydrogen are put through their paces.

9 October 1994 - 20 Years Ago:
In the final race of the German Touring Car Championship (DTM) season, which traditionally takes place on Hockenheimring, Kurt Thiim wins the first run and Bernd Schneider the second, both in an AMG-Mercedes C-Class car. Two years after claiming his maiden DTM title, Klaus Ludwig wins the German Touring Car Championship for the second time in a Mercedes Benz. Runner-up is Jörg van Ommen, also in a Mercedes-Benz.

10 October 1894 - 120 Years Ago:
Gottlieb Daimler leaves Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft and officially relinquishes his role as shareholder. He and Wilhelm Maybach continue their work on furthering the development of the automobile at the Hotel Hermann in Cannstatt.

10 October 1994 - 20 Years Ago:
The 10,000th Mercedes-Benz E 500 is delivered to a customer at the plant where it is assembled in Zuffenhausen. The fortunate customer is ex-racing driver Hans Herrmann.

12 October 1939 - 75 Years Ago:
The Mercedes-Benz T 80 completes its first run on a chassis dynamometre. The three-axle record-breaking car, inspired by Hans Stuck in 1936 and designed by Ferdinand Porsche, is powered by a DB 603 V12 aeroengine. The Second World War prevents its development to operational readiness.

12 October 1989 - 25 Years Ago:
The one-millionth Mercedes-Benz passenger car built at the Bremen plant - a 250 TD - rolls off the assembly line.


8 October 1978 - 36 Years Ago:
MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Chairman Niki Lauda makes his 100th Formula One Grand Prix start at the 1978 Canadian Grand Prix

12 October 1906 - 108 Years Ago:
Piero Taruffi, who made two starts for the Silver Arrows in the 1955 Formula One season, is born.

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