Nico “Everybody in the team deserves it so much”

Nico “Everybody in the team deserves it so much”

Nico, a fantastic drive through the field and a strong result in the circumstances. How did you manage that and can you be pleased with P2 today?

The thing is that our car is unbelievable. It’s so good – everybody has done such a great job building this car. That’s why half of me of course is extremely disappointed that I messed up today but the other half is really, really happy, because everybody in the team deserves it so much. For them the most important title of the year is the Constructors’ Championship. That’s why I can even smile a bit, because I’m happy for everybody to have achieved that.

What happened on the first lap? We heard you say you had vibrations – did that disappear with the change of tyres? That moment really governed your whole race…

It was just a mistake on my side. I braked too late and that’s it. It was very unnecessary because it was my corner and I should have been in the lead after that. So, obviously I was very disappointed with that. After that my tyres were just square. They were vibrating so much I couldn’t see where I was going so I knew that I had to pit. For me, I thought that was it. I thought that was the end of the day. But then, of course, I managed to get back all the way to second so I was partly happy. It’s all thanks to my car, which was just unbelievable today. That’s what allowed me to come back through the field and it was a great strategy from the team. That’s the main thing really. In hindsight I could have pushed more during the race. It’s always easy to know afterwards but even at the end my tyres were fine. So, that was a pity. But anyway, it’s difficult to know that during the race.

When you tried the move at the first corner you were on the inside line. With that line would you not normally have to brake a little bit earlier to compensate?

No, I don’t think so. It was definitely do-able and I just messed up – very simple, no further explanation. I just braked too late and too hard.

Now that the Constructors’ Championship has been won, will you change your way of racing to focus on the Drivers’ Championship?

It’s the same. Up until now, it’s always been the case that we can fight and it continues to be like that. We can fight, it doesn’t change.

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