The Regulations State...

In order to ensure that the requirements of Article 20.1 of the F1 Sporting Regulations are respected at all times, no radio conversation from pit to driver may include any information that is related to the performance of the car or driver.

With that in mind, which of the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS radio messages from the 2014 Italian Grand Prix would contravene the rules? Check out the full transcript below and decide for yourself!

2014 Italian Grand Prix MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Team Radio Transcript

Lap From To Message
PR Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Just to reiterate: The opening laps of the race, overtake is free until we tell you.
FL Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton So if we can learn all gears, please, all the way up to eighth. RS modes cancel.
1 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington My RS modes won’t [censored by FOM] work.
1 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Yeah copy that Lewis we see it. So torque mode three.
2 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington RS mode lights are on.
2 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton OK we’re showing RS modes off, looks like everything’s in a muddle. Just leave it where it is for the minute.
4 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton DRS has been enabled. We’ll get the pack up to full charge, then we can make an attack.
8 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross OK I lifted a lot, I lifted off a lot.
8 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Copy that Nico we can see that. So other car reporting rear tyres goind off so just be aware. Gap to Massa is four seconds. He is matching your lap times at the moment.
9 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg So Nico looks like you locked front and rears together there.
10 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington Tell me when I have enough power for strat two.
10 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton OK Lewis you may use strat two on the main straight only, exit turn eleven to turn one, strat two only for two laps.
10 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Nice work Lewis. Right, let’s get those strat modes under control.
13 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Try an earlier apex in turn 11, Parabolica. Try and open the steering on exit for scrubbing.
13 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross Do not tell me the gap.
15 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton OK Lewis two-tenths faster last lap. Gap now 1.8. Nico carrying more speed entry apex turn 11.
18 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton It now looks like you’re picking up a tow so you’re slower in corners, faster on the straights.
19 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg And let us know how the tyres are on the HPP switch.
19 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Copy that. All cars are getting degradation like yourself.
21 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton So you’re getting close to DRS.
21 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington How far?
21 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton So it’s around the two-tenths mark, just keep it up.
23 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg Push hard now, two more timed laps.
24 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Go strat mode four, it’s hammer time.
26 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg So suggest you go back to strat three to recharge the battery. Gap to Lewis is two seconds. We will need some Hoagys for fuel to the end.
27 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton I reckon the race is going to be at the end, the race will be at the end. So suggestion is we sit two, two-and-a-half seconds, get the benefit of the tow without losing the downforce. So we’re going to need the tyres at the end.
30 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton 24 laps to go, let’s just get into the rhythm.
30 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg So it’s going to be important to look after these tyres to be able to attack at the end, Nico. Save a bit of fuel when we can and attack at the end.
PR Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton Nice work Lewis, get in there pal. Beautifully recovered, mate.
PR Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington Thanks for all the efforts, guys. Great result, great recovery. So happy for everyone.
PR Nico Rosberg Tony Ross OK good job guys on a deserved one-two. That’s a great result for the team. I’m sorry for my side of the garage. Real shame.

Thanks to F1 Fanatic for the transcript - click here to check out the full script!

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