Nico: “Lewis just did a better job today, so congratulations to him”

Nico: “Lewis just did a better job today, so congratulations to him”

Nico, a brilliant pole but not the result you wanted?

Yeah, it definitely kind of sucks to be second from pole today but that’s the way it is. It took too long for me to find my rhythm. Once Lewis got by I found my rhythm, but it was too late. In the end Lewis just did a better job today, so congratulations to him. But anyways, thank you to all of you fans here today – you’ve been fantastic all weekend. It looks like you’ve had a great time which is great. That’s important and it’s great that Formula One is here in Texas.

A great start again but the lead was lost at the end of the back straight. What happened there?

The start was really good so thanks to the team for that – it worked out really well. It’s pretty simple what happened – I didn’t find my rhythm early on. It took a long time, like all the way until after Lewis passed me. For the overtake I knew there was a chance he would try something but wasn’t sure if he would try or not. So I went halfway defensive – but Lewis just did a good job and that was it. Five or ten laps later I started to find a better rhythm and then I felt OK – but it was unfortunately just way too late.

At one point, for maybe five laps in succession, you were lapping so close – within thousandths of a second of one another…

Yes. That’s the period went I started to feel more comfortable. I never gave up in this race, of course. I was fully determined all the way to try and put the pressure onto Lewis, try and get a bit closer, but it just wasn’t possible today

And you radioed in that you hit a kerb at some point. Was there any lasting effect from that?

No, it’s just that with these kerbs around the back there, if you take a little bit too much, they’re quite high and it was a little bit of a thump but everything was OK. The team have built a good car. Robust.

There’s now a 24 point gap in the standings – do you go into the two last races with the same approach?

It’s the same approach for me – fully committed, full attack, try and be on pole in qualifying and then win at Interlagos. That’s it. There’s still a definite shot at the Championship this year, even with the points that I’m now behind. Anyway, next there’s Brazil to come and it’s possible to completely turn it around. You never know what will happen there so I’m sure it will be an exciting end to the season. I hope it’s going to be exciting for the fans. That’s the most important thing – that we put on a good show, which I think we managed to do today. I look forward to the last two races – especially with the car that we have. It’s awesome, it really is.

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