Yas Marina – The Inside Line

Yas Marina – The Inside Line

Paddy Lowe, Executive Director (Technical)

"After another strong showing in Brazil, a fantastic season for the team comes to a close at one of the most glamorous and spectacular venues on the calendar in Abu Dhabi. The Yas Marina circuit is a challenging track with a lot of corners around the lap and contrasting styles to each sector meaning drivers need to use all of their skill to string together a fast time. Despite the long straights that also feature it’s difficult to overtake here, so qualifying will be important. It’s a different scenario for us compared to last year as we don’t have a showdown for the Drivers’ Championship – which made this an incredibly tense weekend for everyone involved. This time around, we approach the weekend with a little less pressure and can look to enjoy the racing a bit more – but hopefully with a good battle between Lewis and Nico to sign off for the year in style. Lewis has always been very strong at this track, while Nico has been on a rich run of form over the past few races. So, the stage is set for an entertaining evening under the lights. It’s a fond farewell to the W06 Hybrid too – a truly magnificent car which has been a huge credit to the men and women who designed, built and ran it this year. We hope to give it a send-off which reflects what both the car and the team have achieved over the past 18 races."


Session GST (Local Time) UTC (-4 Hours)
Practice 1 13:00 - 14:30 09:00 - 10:30
Practice 2 17:00 - 18:30 13:00 - 14:30
Practice 3 14:00 - 15:00 10:00 - 11:00
Qualifying 17:00 - 18:00 13:00 - 14:00
Race 17:00 13:00

Race Characteristics (2009 - 2014)

Races Featuring Safety Car 2
Total Safety Car Deployments 3
Historical Safety Car Probability / Ratio 33% / 0.5
Winners from Pole Position 1
Lowest Winning Grid Position P4 (2012)
Climate Hot Desert
Historical Weekend Temperature Range 25 – 37°C
Rain Affected Sessions 1
Rain Affected Races 0
Historical Wet Race Probability 0%

2014 Statistics

Fastest Lap P1 1:43.476 (HAM)
Fastest Lap P2 1:42.113 (HAM)
Fastest Lap P3 1:41.424 (ROS)
Fastest Lap Q1 1:41.207 (HAM)
Fastest Lap Q2 1:40.920 (HAM)
Fastest Lap Q3 1:40.480 (ROS)
Delta P1 to Q3 -2.996
Delta Q1 to Q3 -0.727
Fastest Race Lap 1:44.496 (RIC)
Winning Race Time 1:39'02.619
Winning Average Speed 184.982 km/h
Race Speed Trap 337.7 km/h (BOT)
Podium HAM / MAS / BOT
Winning Strategy 2 Stops (Ll0 / 31)
Total Race Pit Stops 41
Total Normal Overtakes 2
Total DRS Overtakes 24
Not Classified 3 (2 Mechanical)

107% Sample Times

1:38.000 1:44.860
1:38.500 1:45.395
1:39.000 1:45.930
1:39.500 1:46.465
1:40.000 1:47.000
1:40.500 1:47.535
1:41.000 1:48.070
1:41.500 1:48.605
1:42.000 1:49.140
1:42.500 1:49.675

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