Toto: “The battle is far from over”

Toto: “The battle is far from over”

"Coming away with another top result in Canada, it would be easy to sit back and think we’ve got everything under control. But in reality, this is never the case. Not only did that race require a careful balancing act from the pit wall and from the drivers, but we also saw that there is more to come from our competitors – even if maybe it wasn’t clear from the result. There must be more to come from ourselves if we are to continue this good form. Austria will provide a tough test. We had a challenging weekend there last year and fully expect another close competition this time around. The battle is far from over."

Mercedes-Benz at the Austrian Grand Prix

Silver Arrows Mercedes-Benz Power
Wins 1 4
Podiums 2 12
Pole Positions 0 3
Front Row Starts 0 8
Fastest Laps 0 5
Starts 1 8

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