Lewis: “Nico did a fantastic job today, so congratulations to him”

Lewis: “Nico did a fantastic job today, so congratulations to him”

On the Podium with Gerhard Berger

GB: Lewis, you are one of the quickest guys I’ve ever seen in Formula One. You are really great. You have a quick car. But you must say, well, that you have a headache in the team. Whenever you think you are just going away, winning the Championship, he (Nico) is coming back again and he’s fighting back, keeping you honest. I think it’s great to watch you both!

LH: It’s great to see your enthusiasm man. It’s really great to see your enthusiasm. Nico did a fantastic job today. At the end of the day, he was quicker during the race. I had a really bad start, which obviously lost me ground and after that I was just really pushing as hard as I could. I think in the second stint it was really just about making the distance and that’s what I was trying to do.

GB: You guys are really giving everything. You can see lap-by-lap, it’s qualifying every lap. I think it’s really great to see you both fighting since the karting time up to the Formula One.

LH: It’s been a long time.

GB: Well done, Lewis, keep pushing.

LH: Thank you.

With the Media

Q: Lewis, a tough start for you – not the start you would have wanted. Just talk us through how your race unfolded from there?

LH: It was pretty straightforward. Just keeping up with Nico in the first stint and then, in the second stint, Nico generally had better pace. He did a fantastic job today, so congratulations to him. Otherwise it was just bringing the car home.

Q: What happened at the start?

LH: I had a problem with the revs. I took my foot off the gas and it was still on – like the throttle was still on – and then I dumped the clutch and just got lots and lots of wheel spin. So, not the best way to start the race – but something we will work on to improve.

Q: What exactly happened at the pit exit? Were you just in too much of a hurry or looking at the dash?

LH: I have no idea, to be honest!

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