Lewis: “We’re in a good position and I’m looking forward to the fight”

Lewis: “We’re in a good position and I’m looking forward to the fight”

Q: Lewis, your first Bahrain pole – and an emphatic one as well. You said on Thursday how important it would be. How are you feeling?

LH: I feel great. Very happy. Obviously, coming into the weekend that was the target – to really try and master this track and get the car into an area I’m really comfortable with and that’s generally how the weekend’s gone. The laps were pretty good but you can always improve. I’m obviously really grateful to have this Mercedes beast underneath me which I can really attack these corners with. I think last year I wasn’t as comfortable with the car to be able to do so, so it’s a great feeling.

Q: What sort of race do you expect tomorrow? Obviously from Malaysia you have the painful memory of having been beaten by Sebastian. What did you and your team learn from that to avoid it happening again tomorrow?

LH: Well, we’ve gone over it tons of times already about what we have learned – but it doesn’t get us away from the fact that they are very quick this weekend and they are going to be very hard to beat tomorrow as they have great race pace. Hopefully, with our positioning, that will help and we’ll be taking all measures to make the tyres go as long as they can. But I think we’re in a good position and I’m looking forward to the fight.



Q: Let’s talk a little about two words: confidence and consistency. Because, looking at the way you’ve performed in the first four qualifying sessions of this year so far, obviously you have supreme confidence in the car. You’ve been able to find that consistency in the first Q3 runs and then, more often than not, grow from there?

LH: Yeah, I don’t know if I can pinpoint how that has come around. It’s just working at it, trying to improve. I guess I’ve got a nicely calm approach to the way I drive nowadays and ultimately that confidence in your own ability does help. And I guess things that I do outside help me do that – the work that I do with my engineers, the notes and all those kind of things. So, I’ve generally been happy so far but I know I can be better. So, I plan to be that in Barcelona.

Q: Everybody used the softer tyre in Q3, Q2 and Q1. How is the situation with tyres for the race?

LH: There was nothing particularly different in this session. We’ve saved a new set of options and the option is the better tyre here by far. So that would be the most used tyre tomorrow, most likely. My tyres are good and I think that would be the same for all of us.

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