Nico: “Lewis did a great job, so he deserved to win”

Nico: “Lewis did a great job, so he deserved to win”

Q: Nico, it seemed it all went away from you at the start. You were able to come back at Lewis later in the race, though. Talk us through it?

NR: Yeah, I just completely messed up the start, so that was very annoying. I fought my way through and gave it absolutely everything but is wasn’t enough. Lewis did a great job, so he deserved to win. The car has been amazing, so I’m really thankful to the team again for giving us such a car. It’s awesome to drive it.

Q: Talk us through that start. Was that a direct consequence of the new clutch rules?

NR: It was more a consequence of doing another formation lap. That always puts more temperature in everything and then things change. But, in the end, it’s my job to do it well and I didn’t do a good job. I need to practice that a bit more.

Q: A terrific recovery after a poor getaway. Some good strategy as well that got you up into second place around the first pit stops. But tell us, from your perspective, about the way that gap seemed to come down and then just rose again?

NR: The start was really bad but after that I just benefited from the fact the cars in front weren’t racing me, I don’t think. They were maybe just racing all the people behind and so pitted because I wasn’t their opponent. Once I had a clear path in front I then chased down Lewis. I was always coming closer except for this one phase in the second stint, towards the end where he pulled away. So that definitely cost me a bit. Then on the option it felt great again. I was on qualifying laps every lap trying to hunt him down but he did a great job and it wasn’t enough.

Q: We know that you have a big event coming up in the next few days, so you’ll not be wanting to spend too much time on the interviews. Your lovely wife is expecting your first child, so you’re rushing off after this?

NR: I’m rushing off very, very quickly yes, because we’re expecting our first child any moment. So a very exciting time and definitely looking forward to that. Probably next week… let’s see!

  • 2015 Belgian Grand Prix Sunday Nico Rosberg

    2015 Belgian Grand Prix Sunday Nico Rosberg

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