Lewis: “I love this track, I love the city and really it’s just been a fantastic weekend”

Lewis: “I love this track, I love the city and really it’s just been a fantastic weekend”

Lewis, congratulations! Tell us your emotions right now?

LH: I love Montreal! I love this track, I love the city and really it’s just been a fantastic weekend and a great place to get back on the top step. For me personally, and I’m sure I’m speak for the team, I want to dedicate this to my engineer Bono’s father, who passed away last week. I know it’s been a tough weekend for him but he has been amazing all weekend and he helped me win this today. This is really dedicated to him.

You see the flags – the crosses of Saint George, the Union Jack flags, the flags of Grenada out there as well. What does this mean to you? Do you feel the momentum is back with you? And what are you going to do tonight?

LH: A big thank you to all the fans today. Every time we come here we have the most incredible support, so I just take my hat off to you guys. It’s incredible. Lots of British flags, Grenadian flags, Barbados flags, people from out here in Canada supporting… you know, I’m so grateful. The team did an amazing job and I’m really just proud to be up here. My first grand prix win was here back in 2007, so to be back up here feels really historic.

Your fourth win here in Canada and the 37th of your career. What is it about this circuit in particular that suits your style of driving?

LH: At this circuit you need to be very attacking and good on the brakes – consistent under braking – which has always been a strength for me. So I guess that’s really why I’ve been good here all these years because braking has been one of my strengths. And also having the guts to push it up as close to the wall and over the kerbs as hard as you can. I guess it’s a bit like a go-kart track, so you can throw the car around.

It was hard-fought out there. Tell us how close it was, how tough it was with Nico and what you had to handle in the car?

LH: I didn’t feel the most comfortable ever. I generally had a lot of understeer – but I never really felt too much under pressure. Nico was quick but I felt like I always had it under control. I had a bit of time in my pocket to be able to pull it out when I needed to, so it was never too serious. But it was a great race. I don’t know how it was to watch but it felt like it was intense and I really enjoyed it.

  • 2015 Canada Sunday Lewis Hamilton

    2015 Canada Sunday Lewis Hamilton

You looked in control, but there was just a brief moment after the pit stop when the gap to Nico seemed to come down quite a bit and he got within DRS range of you. What was going on there?

LH: Well, I think because Nico was in my tow he was able to save more fuel. Naturally when you’re behind someone you use less fuel. And for me, I thought I had saved enough but I needed to save some more, so through that period I was just fuel-saving – managing the gap within a second but I was saving a lot of fuel. Then, once I’d saved enough, I was able to get on it a little bit more. But I only really needed to answer to the lap times Nico would do. If I could do a tenth or two faster, that would be fine. So that’s what I tried to do – just tried to manage it and bring the car home safely.

Very soon after you put on your second set of tyres, you had a big lock-up which we saw on the slo-mo, and then later in the race you had a few more lock-ups. Did you have any bad vibrations which may have affected your speed?

LH: Fortunately not. I think right at the end I might have had one lock-up but it was never enough to be a problem.

The team had a good gap to the field today. Does it make you confident that the fight for the Championship is just between you two?

LH: I think it’s pretty much impossible for you to come to that conclusion because Kimi spun so we didn’t really get to see his true pace in the race. Also, Sebastian wasn’t there obviously and he has generally been the quicker of the two so far this season. We didn’t really get to see Ferrari’s true pace this weekend, I think, and in the next race we will.

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