Toto: “It has been a difficult week for the motorsport family”

Toto: “It has been a difficult week for the motorsport family”

"It has been a difficult week for the motorsport family. My first thoughts go to the family and friends of Jules – the loss of a child is something for which there are no words, and on behalf of the team I send them strength for the days and weeks ahead. I personally remember the first time I heard of an incredibly talented young French guy with an Italian name back in 2007 – how he performed in his F3 rookie season in 2008, then dominated the following year to become Champion. That is how we will remember Jules: as an extraordinary Champion. And we will honour his memory by continuing to improve the safety of the drivers, team members, circuit workers and spectators under the leadership of the FIA. Now we look forward to Hungary and the final race before the mid-season break. A strong result will give us positive momentum to carry through the summer."

Mercedes-Benz at the Hungarian Grand Prix

Silver Arrows Mercedes-Benz Power
Wins 1 9
Podiums 2 16
Pole Positions 2 8
Front Row Starts 2 14
Fastest Laps 1 5
Starts 4 21

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