Toto: “We cannot take our position at the front for granted”

Toto: “We cannot take our position at the front for granted”

"The performance in Singapore was far below expectations and left us with plenty to think about moving forwards. But move forward is what we will do. We remain calm, learn our lessons and use the pain of those disappointments as motivation to get back on top. One bad weekend does not negate what has been an incredible season so far and we know our car is competitive. But we also recognise the constant threat from our rivals. Whether Singapore was a blip or not, we cannot take our position at the front for granted and expect not to get caught out. Suzuka is a track which should suit us better, so this will be a good indicator. Of course, as we return to Japan, we will be thinking of Jules, his family and our friends at Manor Marussia on what will be an emotional weekend for us all."

Mercedes-Benz at the Japanese Grand Prix

Silver Arrows Mercedes-Benz Power
Wins 1 6
Podiums 2 17
Pole Positions 1 3
Front Row Starts 2 9
Fastest Laps 1 5
Starts 5 21

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