Nico’s #DriveforGood Raises €160,000 for Laureus!

Nico’s #DriveforGood Raises €160,000 for Laureus!

  • Mercedes-Benz donates €160,900 based on Nico Rosberg’s 1,609 race-leading kilometres
  • Rosberg: “I’m convinced that this donation will be used to good effect and that a lot of children will learn the importance of sporting values.”
  • Laureus Chairman Edwin Moses thanks Nico Rosberg

After a hugely successful end to the 2015 FIA Formula One World Championship, MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS driver and Laureus Ambassador Nico Rosberg’s #DriveforGood campaign has raised €160,900 for the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation.

In April, ahead of the Laureus World Sports Awards in Shanghai, Rosberg announced that from the 2015 Formula One Chinese Grand Prix onwards, for the remainder of the season, Mercedes-Benz would donate €100 for every racing kilometre that he led during races.

After the German’s victories in Spain, Monaco, Austria, Mexico, Brazil and Abu Dhabi, as well as his efforts in other Grand Prix, Rosberg has led for a grand total of 1609km since the Shanghai race in April.

The funds will go directly to Laureus Sport for Good Foundation projects around the world. From surfing in Cape Town to skiing on the slopes of the Austrian Alps, Laureus projects aim to combat issues including juvenile crime, gangs, HIV/AIDS, discrimination and social exclusion.

Speaking after his victory at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Nico Rosberg said: “I’m very thankful that Mercedes has donated €100 for every kilometre that I led and it’s great that this is going to go to Laureus. I’m sure these funds are going to create a lot of good and help a lot of children learn the important values that sport gives us.”

Chairman of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, Edwin Moses, who helped Rosberg launch the campaign in Shanghai in April, said: “Nico has had a great year, and we’re delighted that his efforts behind the wheel for MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS will benefit young people around the world through the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation. I’m sure the young people from our projects around the world will join me in saying ‘Thank You Nico!’”

The 150-plus Laureus Ambassadors together with the 50 or so sports legends of the Laureus Academy each contribute their experience and personal expertise to the Laureus Sport for Good project. This diversity continues to demonstrate the shared conviction that sport can overcome social barriers and give young people a decisive and positive direction in their lives.

Mercedes-Benz is a founding partner of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, which is a key element within the social responsibility policy of the brand. Support for the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation is the most important corporate social responsibility commitment of Mercedes-Benz, which is established across markets worldwide. Since the inception of the Foundation in 1999, Mercedes-Benz has been supporting and promoting the objectives and values of this global non-profit organisation.

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