Lewis Hamilton’s Top Ten at 30!

Lewis Hamilton’s Top Ten at 30!

  1. Lewis is one of only seven drivers in history to have exceeded 30 Formula One career victories (33). The remaining six include all-time greats Michael Schumacher (91), Alain Prost (51), Ayrton Senna (41), Sebastian Vettel (39), Fernando Alonso (32) and Nigel Mansell (31)
  2. Lewis is also on an exclusive list of only seven drivers to have exceeded 30 career Formula One pole positions (38). The remaining six include the legendary names of Michael Schumacher (68), Ayrton Senna (65), Sebastian Vettel (45), Jim Clark (33), Alain Prost (33), and Nigel Mansell (32)
  3. Lewis is the only driver to date with more than 30 Mercedes-Benz powered Formula One victories (33)
  4. The 2014 Japanese Grand Prix marked Lewis’ 30th Formula One victory
  5. Lewis took his 30th Formula One podium at the 2010 Turkish Grand Prix
  6. The 2013 Hungarian Grand Prix saw Lewis take his 30th Formula One pole position
  7. Lewis took his 30th front row start in Formula One at the 2011 Australian Grand Prix
  8. In his 30th Formula One Grand Prix, Lewis took pole position and went on to finish P3 at the 2008 Belgian Grand Prix
  9. Lewis’ 30th Grand Prix for the Silver Arrows saw him storm from pit lane to podium in a scintillating drive to P3 at the 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix
  10. On 30th September 2007, Lewis took his 10th front row grid slot at the Japanese Grand Prix

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