Toto: “We are prepared for a fight in the coming races”

Toto: “We are prepared for a fight in the coming races”

"Melbourne was a faultless weekend from the team and a well-deserved reward for everybody who has worked so hard on the W06 Hybrid project. They absolutely deserve the success we currently enjoy. It was, however, just one race. We will not be backing off – and nor can we afford to, with a relentless opposition chasing us. Ferrari have made a clear step forwards, Williams also look very strong and you can never count anybody out at this stage, so we are prepared for a fight in the coming races. The next battle is Malaysia – a home race for PETRONAS and one we will attack with the same intensity as Australia. In our minds it’s back to square one and our objectives remain the same."

Mercedes-Benz at the Malaysian Grand Prix

Silver Arrows Mercedes-Benz Power
Wins 1 4
Podiums 4 14
Pole Positions 1 3
Front Row Starts 2 8
Fastest Laps 1 7
Starts 5 16

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