Toto: “We are not invincible. Every detail matters”

Toto: “We are not invincible. Every detail matters”

"Monza was not an easy weekend. Both drivers produced very strong performances – but unfortunately only one got the result he deserved. When you are in a position like we currently enjoy, expectations are extremely high – and none more so than among our own people. This was our first retirement of the season which shows how far we have come but also that we are not invincible. Every detail matters and we are trying to take care of all of them. So, we take lessons from our failures and look to get back on top with both cars in Singapore. This won’t be easy, however, at a circuit which provides one of the toughest tests of man and machine on the calendar. We must be at our best here – and at each race that follows – to make sure the job is done."

Mercedes-Benz at the Singapore Grand Prix

Silver Arrows Mercedes-Benz Power
Wins 1 2
Podiums 1 5
Pole Positions 1 3
Front Row Starts 3 6
Fastest Laps 1 3
Starts 5 7

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