Lewis: “Tomorrow there’s still a lot to play for”

Lewis: “Tomorrow there’s still a lot to play for”

Q: Lewis, a little spin this morning and looked like you were slightly on the back foot in the latter part of qualifying. Why was that?

LH44: I don’t think I was on the back foot at any other stage. I generally didn’t have the pace today. Nico did a great job and I don’t know if I really had the balance where I like it. I did my best with it and I think tomorrow there’s still a lot to play for.

Q: You were sixth tenths behind in Q2, which looked as though you had been thinking perhaps more about the race tyre set you would be using from Q2 to Q3. Did that have any impact on finding the limit in that session that impacted your Q3?

LH44: No, I just got some traffic on my lap. I was stuck behind one of the McLarens, so it didn’t really make any difference to my in-lap.

Q: Barcelona is a track known to be quite difficult to overtake. Does that mean you need to put an extra effort in at the start?

LH44: Probably. It’s always one of the opportunities. You have that and some of the pit stops. It’s very, very difficult to overtake here, as it’s shown and proved over the years. I haven’t even started to think about that yet.

Q: Consider the advantage that you have in the championship, will you approach this race already racing for the championship?

LH44: Every race I do I’m racing for the championship!

Q: The question is more if you would consider taking risks or, because of the advantage you have, you might drive more carefully?

LH44: I don’t think so. I think I’ll drive the same as I did last year. That seemed to do me quite well…

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