Nico: “It was a good day in the office”

Nico: “It was a good day in the office”

Q: Nico, your first pole of the year. Is it fair to say you needed that?

NR6: Of course. I needed it sooner rather than later that’s for sure because it’s just one step in the right direction to winning the race here this weekend. It was a good day in the office.

Q: The three of you here in the press conference were the only drivers that managed to save a new set of medium tyres for tomorrow’s Grand Prix. The races have been strategic and tactical so far this year. Are we to expect more of the same tomorrow?

NR6: Yes, definitely. Strategy is going to be important and it’s a big advantage to have an extra new set of tyres for tomorrow’s race so it’s good to have that. Overtaking is also more difficult at this track so starting in front is a particularly big advantage here.

Q: In Bahrain you were saying you had made a mistake because you had not pushed in Q2 due to thinking more about the race. It was very obvious today that in Q2 you pushed much harder, clearly thinking about pole position. In fact you did two laps that were good enough for pole today…

NR6: For sure, yeah, Bahrain was still in my mind and I want to make sure that I don’t make that mistake again. I just got myself in the rhythm in Q2 and it worked really well for me today.

Q: How important is the boost from a psychological point of view – having pole position today?

NR6: It’s just important for tomorrow’s race because it’s better to start first than second. Psychologically… yes, it feels great. I’m happy – so it’s looking good for tomorrow.

Q: What mindset will you take into the race tomorrow that’s different from the season so far?

NR6: No different. Same thing. Try to go for it. Try to go for the best possible result. Starting first in the car that we have, it’s got to be trying to go for the win, for sure. Take the advantage from the start of being first and that’s it.

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