Lewis: ”You’re always looking for that perfect lap”

Lewis: ”You’re always looking for that perfect lap”

Q&A with Lewis Hamilton

Lewis, you said recently there’s still more to come from you this season. What are you looking for?

Lewis Hamilton: I don’t remember saying that, but OK…

Let’s presume you did!

LH: Cool. That’s good. I hope there is! I don’t know, I think you are always searching for perfection, always learning, always growing, both inside and outside the sport. I’m just looking forward to that journey. I don’t know what’s to come. I don’t when I’m going to be growing or more, but I guess that’s the same for every single one of us, so that’s what I’m excited about.

When you say perfection, what do you mean exactly?

LH: You’re always looking for that perfect lap; you’re always looking for the perfect race, you’re always looking to raise the bar every time you go out, because it can always be raised.

There are quite a few more variables this year due to the regulation changes. Looking at the team radio restrictions in particular, do you think that’s something that could actually play to your strengths – given that you guys are all going to be much more on your own now? Is that something that could work for you?

LH: We’re all in the same boat. Some of us will handle it better than others. I don’t particularly see there being much of be a problem. But is it good? I don’t really know but we’ll manage it the best way we can.

Mercedes has ran a lot of miles in testing. From a drivers’ point of view would you have preferred to do some more performance running to feel the ultimate limit of the car?

LH: Definitely. Of course, the performance runs are always the most fun, the long runs are, kind of, long. And less exciting. But we did what we had to do and I guess we went into the testing with a goal of achieving 800km a day. We didn’t actually think we were going to do it so perhaps in hindsight we would have shifted our running. But at the end of the day it suited us perfectly.

  • 2016 Australian Grand Prix Thursday Lewis Hamilton

    2016 Australian Grand Prix Thursday Lewis Hamilton

A little bit more of a racing question: it’s about tyre allocation. Because you never used the supersoft in Barcelona, and most of Barcelona testing you and Nico were on medium and here, your personal allocation is just one set of medium and again it’s Pirelli who chosen it for the race. Then for supersoft you never train, tomorrow it’s rain forecast so for the race it will be OK?

LH: I think it will be OK. You’re right, we didn’t use the supersoft and, once again, I think once we realised how much mileage we’d done, perhaps in hindsight we may have changed it, who knows? But we’ll face it as we always do. I don’t believe they’ve changed a huge amount with the tyre so I don’t think it’s going to be a big issue for us.

To the front row: everyone says in testing, we’re just testing, we don’t know where we stand, we don’t know anything, but given the simulation and data analysis tools you have these days at your disposal, how good an idea do you have of where you stand relative to each other in the pecking order?

LH: I think this year that the whole pack looks like it’s a little bit closer but personally I think that they’ve got something up their sleeve this weekend. I think Ferrari are going to be a lot closer than they talk about, than just arriving on a low but going to deliver high.

Do you welcome that?

LH: Absolutely.

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