Nico: “An almost perfect weekend for me”

Nico: “An almost perfect weekend for me”


Nico, congratulations! Your 16th victory and your fifth in a row! Any man that has done that has won a World Championship… so a good day in the office?

Oh for sure. It’s been an awesome weekend. The key was really the start. I got a great getaway and from then on I was just trying to control the pace. Very, very happy with today. Absolutely awesome to get another win.

What a dream start to this season. Do you want to share a few more thoughts with the race fans out here today?

Just congratulations to Bahrain, really, for staging such an awesome race weekend here. Such a great race track here in the desert. It’s been, I think, fantastic for all of you. I’m sure you had a lot of fun and we’ll be back again next year, of course.


Nico, obviously the start was key. But there were also some strategy decisions and changes which played a part – particularly favouring the supersoft tyre in the final third of the race. Can you talk us through the start, those decisions and what it was like from the cockpit?

Yeah, we’ve been working a lot on the starts. I’m pleased that it worked out so well. It was a really good getaway on the dirty side of the grid and that really made my race in the end. From then on the car was feeling great and I was just controlling the pace and playing it safe. That’s what we were trying to do. Also, in case the Safety Car comes and things like that. So we really went for the safest strategy, not the fastest strategy. Just to cover all eventualities.

So you anticipated maybe running SuperSofts later in the race?

Anticipated? No. As I say, we went for the strategy which was safest to cover all eventualities like a Safety Car or anything else that can happen.

How important is it now, confidence-wise and momentum-wise for you, having won the first two races of the season?

It’s not something I think about. I’m just taking it race by race. It’s great to win here today, great to win two on the trot and that’s it. Next race – where are we going, China? It’s a good moment because we have a good car and I just want to make the most of it.

How does it feel to win five victories in a row?

I haven’t thought about it right in this moment. I’m just thinking about the season. It’s two wins in a row now, good points, and that’s where my focus is. That’s it really. Five wins, three wins in a row… it doesn’t make a difference.

  • 2016 Bahrain Grand Prix Sunday Nico Rosberg

    2016 Bahrain Grand Prix Sunday Nico Rosberg


Wow, what a weekend! I am so happy with how everything is working out at the moment. The start was definitely the key to my win – hand that was a really great moment, as it was an area that we put a lot effort into before the race.

Leading into Turn One was a relief, to be honest, as I could see in my mirrors that it was very busy behind me. But from then on I was able to control the pace and take the win. Strategy-wise we had to play it safe. It maybe wasn't the quickest option - but we had to cover the risk of a safety car.

It was an almost perfect weekend for me - only qualifying could have been a fraction better. What a great start to the season – a big thank you to the guys and girls at the factories for this amazing car! Now I look forward to China, where I won my first ever Grand Prix, so I have plenty of positive energy heading there.

  • 2016 Bahrain Grand Prix Sunday Nico Rosberg

    2016 Bahrain Grand Prix Sunday Nico Rosberg

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