A golden ride for Sarah Storey…

A golden ride for Sarah Storey…

After nearly two months of exploits, drama, great performances and athletes surpassing themselves to give their best for their country, the Olympics and Paralympics are now sadly behind us.

It is nearly impossible to extract only one performance with so many vibrant memories still in our heads, however one in particular will stay with the team, due to a certain link with our Brackley factory...

Sarah Storey, who landed the host country’s first gold of the Paralympic Games with a display of complete domination in the velodrome, is no stranger in Brackley.

Sarah, who won her eighth Paralympic gold medal during the C5 individual time trial, was one of the first athletes to visit our smaller Wind Tunnel (which is available for commercial hire), as part of her performance training, working with our established customer Velo Science.

Her latest victories at London 2012 (the C5 individual time trial was followed by more gold at the Individual pursuit C5, Individual Road Time Trial C5 and Individual Road Race C5) only underline the greatness of Sarah Storey, who was born without the use of her left hand and has gone on to win medals in two different sports across six Paralympics stretching back two decades.

Those four gold medals won in London, to go with the five swimming golds she won as a teenager in Barcelona 1992 and Atlanta 1996, take her overall Paralympic medal collection to 22.

The whole team would like to congratulate Sarah, and if you like to do so as well, you can follow her on Twitter!

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