Lewis: “It’s a circuit where you have to be aggressive, so it’s always suited my style”

Lewis: “It’s a circuit where you have to be aggressive, so it’s always suited my style”

"Monaco was another great weekend for the team and I’m so proud of all the hard work the guys put in to make it happen. Of course, from a personal perspective it wasn’t what I was aiming for. I race to win every time and unfortunately it just wasn’t my weekend. But I drove with all my heart and gave it all I could, so I head to the next race with even more energy and determination. Montreal is one of my favourite weekends of the year. It’s where I won my first Grand Prix back in 2007 and I’ve had another two victories there since, so it holds some special memories for me. The city itself is incredible. It’s one I always love to go to and there’s always a great crowd, so I’m hoping for them that the weather is good and we can put on a great show!"

Montreal: In the Cockpit with Lewis

It’s a circuit where you have to be aggressive, so it’s always suited my style. Finding the braking point into the left-hander of Turn One is really important, as you then switch straight back into a very tight right-hander at Turn Two. Running too deep through the first will ruin your line into the second, which will lose you a lot of time. You have to be mindful of the kerbs through here as they can throw the car off balance quite easily, while the exit of Turn Two also has very low grip. It’s a tricky section of track to start the lap and one which quite often sees incidents: particularly on the first lap.

The first of many chicanes around the circuit comes at Turns Three and Four. You have to take plenty of kerb through the corner and then run wide, right up against the wall, on the way out. It’s so very to get that wrong. The next chicane at Turns Six and Seven is a bit tighter and slower, but good exit speed is crucial for the straight which comes up afterwards. This leads you down into another chicane at Turns Eight and Nine, where you quite often see overtaking.

It’s so important to carry good speed once again to give you a good run down into the stadium complex at Turn 10, where you find the biggest crowds of fans during the weekend. It’s a really tight right-hander and you want to brake as late as possible: running deep into the corner and making a ‘V’ shape to get the best exit possible down the crucial back straight.

The straight itself seems to go on forever and you also have DRS available for the second time around the lap. Looking into the distance it’s so hard to pinpoint your braking point before you clip the kerbs, do your best to avoid the infamous ‘Wall of Champions and put the power down across the start / finish line.

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