Nico: “I’m looking forward to Canada: it’s where We’ll reach absolute top speed!”

Nico: “I’m looking forward to Canada: it’s where We’ll reach absolute top speed!”

"Sunday in Monaco was a very special day for me. It was a fantastic result to get another one-two and I’m really happy for the whole team. Lewis drove really, really well and pushed me massively hard but I kept it cool and was able to take the win. He has been on top of his game so it was important for me to break his momentum last weekend. I now have the lead again in the World Championship which is great. But it’s still very early days and it’s going to continue to be an extremely tight battle between us this year. From Monaco, we head across the Big Pond to Canada. Montreal is one of my favourite venues. It’s a beautiful but also crazy city where there is always a lot happening: particularly in the evenings… it’s a great place to celebrate a good result, shall we say! That’s what I’ll be aiming for again this weekend."

Montreal: In the Cockpit with Nico

The Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve is the first race of the season that really calls for reduced downforce. For this reason, the teams generally arrive with a special low-downforce package. I’m particularly looking forward to this weekend as with the new generation of turbocharged Hybrid cars, this means we’ll reach absolute top speed! We will probably be peaking at somewhere between 340 and 350 km/h on the straight.

The special feature of this circuit, other than the fact it runs around the stunning Île Notre-Dame, is that there are many chicanes where you literally have to bounce over the kerbs. This makes the track a real challenge that you have to rise to as a driver. I like that, as it gives you extra satisfaction when you get it right.

The Turn 10 hairpin towards the back end of the circuit is one of the most difficult sections of the track to negotiate. You have to get the braking point just right to avoid running too deep: especially when attacking or defending, as this corner also offers excellent scope for overtaking following on from the fast section the comes before it.

The final chicane at Turns 13 and 14, which runs alongside the infamous Wall of Champions, is likewise a standout feature. You approach it at full speed and have to get the braking just right, before bouncing the car over the kerbs. Many great drivers of the past have had a close encounter with that wall – some sustaining severe damage to their cars in the process – which is where it gets its name.

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