Nico: “I knew I had to go for it because it was very, very close – but I just overdid it”

Nico, the chance was there when you were on that final lap – and you were up on the best time as well. What happened?

NR: I went on the Astroturf out of the second to last corner and I think that was still a bit wet. Maybe the tyres got wet on the Astroturf when I went too wide and then that little bit of humidity on the tyres caused the spin. I’m not sure – I just overdid it there into the last corner. Definitely gutted as I knew the gap to Lewis was two-tenths before that and I was exactly two-tenths up. I was equal with his lap time, so that meant that I had to take a little bit more risk. Of course there was a possibility he would improve that further – but I knew that I had to go for it because it was very, very close.

Did you know that Lewis had spun on your last lap?

NR: No. It didn’t make any difference at the time though because his time was still two tenths quicker on the previous lap. And anyways, it’s just a distraction if someone tells me.

Why is that last sector so difficult?

NR: This track, generally, is quite difficult, because you’ve got to get the braking right and you’ve got to attack to get a lap time done here. It’s a very, very challenging track and easy to make mistakes.

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