Nico: “I thought I nailed it but Lewis was just a tenth quicker… very annoying!”

Nico: “I thought I nailed it but Lewis was just a tenth quicker… very annoying!”

Nico, you just missed out on pole today and were saying on the radio that there were a few problems on the final run and you weren’t completely happy with the balance of the car. Was it something to do with the front tyre?

NR: Well, the first lap was really good, so there’s not much to say about that. I thought I had nailed it but, when I had a look on my dash, Lewis was just one tenth quicker which was very annoying! But that’s the way it is. On the last run, there was something strange. Nobody improved on that one – or not many at least. Maybe Felipe did? Anyway, there was something wrong with my left front, so I had big understeer and no grip. I've had a tricky weekend so far with a few car problems - but it's all still possible tomorrow as we have seen in the last race. Another big thanks to the boys in the garage. They had a lot of work to do again in the morning session to get my car back out after the issue.

Between your and Lewis, since the beginning of last year, it’s been fairly unusual for whoever goes fastest in the first run of Q3 to be overturned for pole position. It does seem to be quite important, between the two of you, that first run?

NR: I don’t know. I didn’t see that trend. And yeah, anyway, for me today it was all to play for with the second run – still pushing all out for sure and the chance was there because it was so close.

It’s a circuit you’ve always gone well at and you received a warm reception on the stage yesterday evening. How are you enjoying your Silverstone weekend?

NR: It’s really awesome to see how many people have come to this race. Out in the grandstands it’s incredible – a full house already, more or less. It’s great to see how enthusiastic everybody is in this country about our sport. The people clearly love racing and even cheer on the non-British drivers which is very cool to see, so a big hand for them too.

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