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Valtteri Bottas says the biggest thing he has taken from the 2017 Formula One season is the amount he has grown and developed as a driver.

'I've learned a lot'

Valtteri's first season with the Silver Arrows has featured plenty of success, but he's also suffered a few tough race weekends as well, which he believes have made him a better driver.

"Yeah, I think the balance sheet is a bit up-and-down for me," he explained, ahead of this weekend's finale in Abu Dhabi. "There were many good moments, and good performances but many disappointments as well.

"The main thing from this season, for me, is the amount I've been able to learn and grow as a driver, and the things I can take for the future.

"That's what matters. Lewis won the title, as my team mate, so we had a car to do it and he beat me this year. So, I've learned a lot and that's why I'm really looking ahead."

'It makes you hungry for the future'

Having visited the top step of the podium in Russia and Austria, his breakthrough victories in F1 have only made him hungrier for more success in the future.

"Well, for me the best achievement was, of course, my first win," he said. "It took me more than 80 races in Formula One to achieve it.

"It is something really unique and very special, that I will always remember. But, it's also a moment that makes you hungry for the future.

"I think those difficult races have been the races where I have been able to learn the most, so I feel this season in general has given me a lot to work on. That's always positive. I'm always willing to try to improve."

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