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Ahead of this weekend's finale in Abu Dhabi, Lewis Hamilton has been reflecting on the 2017 Formula One season, hailing the 'ruthless' Silver Arrows.

'Their commitment has never wavered'

It's been a remarkable 2017 for Lewis and the team, securing their fourth Drivers' and Constructors' titles respectively.

Following his emotional return to Silver Arrows HQ earlier this week, Lewis was asked during the FIA press conference in Abu Dhabi what has made this season so special.

"I think every single individual in the team, their commitment has never wavered," he replied. "They've been ruthless in how hard they have worked throughout the year.

"Fighting with Ferrari has really excited everyone and pushed us to another level. I got to go to both factories. Every single race I have driven has been powered by an engine HPP have produced, so it has been a great journey with them.

"Then, to go to Brackley and see all the guys there, standing along the road when I arrived, that's never happened before. It was great to have that welcome and be able to celebrate both Championships with them."

'I'm going to give it everything'

While the Championships may have already been decided, Lewis isn't changing his approach and is determined to end the season with another trip to the top step of the podium.

"Of course, I'm extremely driven this weekend to try to finish the season off as strong as possible," he explained.

"Obviously, Sebastian won the last race, and I don't particularly want to give him this one. I'm looking forward to hopefully having a good battle with these guys.

"Either way, it's just about approaching it the same: giving it everything, as if you are still fighting for the Championship. Regardless of whether you win or not, as long as you've given it everything, you can walk away proud."

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