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    IN WORDS: Valtteri Did an Exceptional Job - Lewis Lewis Hamilton says Valtter...

Lewis Hamilton says Valtteri Bottas was just too quick in qualifying for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

'What a lap'

Lewis missed out on a 12th pole of 2017 by just 0.172s to team-mate Valtteri in the final qualifying session of 2017 around the Yas Marina Circuit.

"What a lap," said Lewis. "He just had an incredible qualifying and congratulations to him.

"The last qualifying of the year, I gave it everything, but I seem to have lost a little pace going into qualifying, Valtteri did an exceptional job, so really, really happy for him.

"He did an exceptional job through qualifying and it's great to see to him performing at this level, particularly at the end of the season, which puts him in a great position for next year.

'I'll give it everything I've got that's for sure'

Despite missing out on pole, Lewis is excited for Sunday's race and is keen to sign off an unbelievable season with a good show.

"For me, I was good through practice and P3 was great and then I made some changes in anticipation of the track cooling and in hindsight it probably wasn't the right one," Lewis explained. "But it was nice to experiment, which I hadn't really done all season long.

"I experimented and then I struggled a little bit with the balance generally through the laps. I think at the end I was a tenth and a half up out of Turn 1 and then I lost it somewhere else in the rest of the lap.

"Nonetheless it was fun to be out there challenging, the last qualifying of the year, finally it's done and we can just get on with the race tomorrow. It's a very hard track to overtake, there are a couple of opportunities but I'll give it everything I've got that's for sure."

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