Based in Ticino “Terra di Ciclismo”, Switzerland, ASSOS SA was founded in 1976 with the creation of the first ever Lycra® cycling shorts.

Thanks to its continued investments in R&D, the company has developed a number of innovations that have influenced the direction in which the bicycle industry has evolved. Most of these are now industry standards - including the first Lycra® shorts (’76), first carbon bicycle frame (’76), first sublimation on a cycling jersey (’80), first Elastic Interface cycling short insert (2001), Choose your Comfort concept (2003), Project Starbust, the fastest cycling bodysuit on earth (2004), S5 the next cycling shorts generation (2008), s7 is a game changer (2014) as only a few examples.

Today, ASSOS proudly provides Total Cycling Comfort to more than 30 countries around the world The integrity of the brand is safeguarded by carefully selected distributors who present ASSOS products to their markets with local expertise.

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