• Jul. 22, 2018
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Location Hockenheimring
Circuit Length 4574 km
Laps 67
Race Distance 306.458 km
Lap Record 1:13.780 - Kimi Räikkönen (2004)
Team Updates
Race & Circuit Information

2018 Information - Timetable

Session Local Time (CEST) Brackley (BST) Stuttgart (CEST)
Practice 1 - Friday 11:00 10:00 11:00
Practice 2 - Friday 15:00 14:00 15:00
Practice 3 - Saturday 12:00 11:00 12:00
Qualifying - Saturday 15:00 14:00 15:00
Race - Sunday 15:10 14:10 15:10

Circuit Characteristics

Circuit Length 4.574 km
Race Laps 67
Race Distance 306.458
Lap Record 1:13.780
Record Holder RAI (2004)
Distance from Pole to Turn 1 Apex 190m
Pit Lane Length Under Speed Limit Control 306.1m
Pit Lane Time at 80 km/h 13.774s
Number of Corners 17 (6 Left / 11 Right)
Highest Lateral G 4.4 (T1)
% of Lap/Lap Distance at Full Throttle 55% / 66%
Fuel Consumption Medium
Braking Events 5
Maximum Speed 339 km/h
Track Evolution (P1-Qualifying) Low
Tyre Compounds 2018 UltraSoft, Soft, Medium
DRS Zones T1-2 / 4-6
Key Overtaking Opportunities T2 / 6
Mercedes-Benz at the German Grand Prix

The German Grand Prix is one of the oldest and most historic races in Formula One history, having first been held in 1951. The event has long been a staple on the F1 schedule, although it was absent from the calendar in 2015 and 2017.

But, Mercedes’ home round returned to the calendar for the 2018 season at the Hockenheimring. The track was originally built in 1939 as a high-speed Mercedes test track, before a new Autobahn was built and a new circuit was created – featuring long straights cutting through the forest.

Over the years, chicanes were added to improve safety, before it went through a complete redesign in the early 2000s, with the new layout debuting in 2002. It retained the main straight, first corner and final stadium section, but added a new, twisty infield.

Hockenheim first hosted the German Grand Prix in 1970 and enjoyed long stints as the race venue from 1977-1984 and 1986-2006, before entering an agreement to alternate putting on the event with the Nürburgring.

Of the six home races Mercedes has raced at in the modern era, it has won two of them – 2014 with Nico Rosberg and 2016 with Lewis Hamilton. This boosted the tally of German GP wins to three, having taken victory with Juan Manuel Fangio in 1954 – the team’s first season in the F1 World Championship.

Silver Arrows Mercedes-Benz Power
Wins 3 6
Podiums 4 16
Pole Positions 4 10
Front Row Starts 2 15
Fastest Laps 5 8
Starts 8 22

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