• June 09, 2019
  • 2.10pm (local time)
Location Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
Circuit Length 4.361 km
Laps 70
Race Distance 305.270 km
Lap Record 1:13.622 - R. Barrichello (2004)
Team Updates
Race & Circuit Information

2019 Information - Timetable

Session Local Time Brackley Stuttgart
Practice 1 - Friday 10:00 15:00 16:00
Practice 2 - Friday 14:00 19:00 20:00
Practice 3 - Saturday 11:00 16:00 17:00
Qualifying - Saturday 14:00 19:00 20:00
Race - Sunday 14:10 19:10 20:10

Circuit Characteristics

Circuit Length 4.361 km
Race Laps 70
Race Distance 305.270 km
Lap Record 1:13.622
Record Holder BAR (2004)
Number of Corners 14 (6 Left / 8 Right)
Pit Lane Length Under Speed Limit Control 404.2 m
Pit Lane Time at 80 km/h 18.189 s
Distance from Pole to First Braking Zone 159.154 m
Highest Lateral G 3.7 (T5)
% of Lap / Lap Distance at Full Throttle 64% / 76%
Fuel Consumption High
Braking Event 6 (4 Heavy)
Brake Energy High
Tyre Compounds 2019 Soft, Medium, Hard
Track Evolution (P1 - Qualifying) Low
DRS Zone T7-8 / T12-13 / T14-1
Key Overtaking Opportunities T1 / T10 / T13
Mercedes-Benz at the Canadian Grand Prix

During the 1960s the country's Grand Prix had two homes: alternating between Mosport Park (in the English-speaking part of the country) and Mont-Tremblant (in French speaking Quebec). By 1970, however, Mont-Tremblant was deemed too dangerous and the race was moved full time to Mosport Park.

In 1977 the French Canadians, motivated by the success of local hero Gilles Villeneuve, decided to create a race track. Building a new circuit simply wasn't feasible, however, owing to both time and financial constraints. Their solution was simple and effective. Taking the Île Notre-Dame, they connected all of the island's roads and made a course.

After $2m was spent upgrading the circuit to Formula One standards, the first race was held in October 1978. Gilles Villeneuve, who was yet to win a Formula One race, took a memorable victory at his home Grand Prix. Following his tragic death in 1982, the track was renamed the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve in his honour.

Mercedes F1 Mercedes-Benz Power
Wins 3 9
Podiums 8 20
Pole Positions 4 8
Front Row Starts 9 18
Fastest Laps 2 9
Starts 9 24

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