Lewis: ”It’s a great result for the team”

Lewis: ”It’s a great result for the team”

On the podium with Mark Webber

Lewis, mate, form man all weekend, start was tricky obviously and then the red flag and going to that medium tyre, so it looked like for you to come back and deal with those Toro Rossos was a real handful, so how did you deal with that?

Lewis Hamilton: Honestly, it was a great race. I loved the fact that we had to come through from far behind. The team did a fantastic job as always. But yeah, it was very tricky out there. Obviously, I’m glad that no one was injured in the shunt. Afterwards it was just trying to get through the traffic, with these tyres on, particularly with the guys at the front who had a faster tyre, it’s impossible to follow around here, as you can see for all of us. No, but I’m really happy to get the result, it’s a great result for the team.

You seem pretty happy with second. Good recovery, mate. And then obviously on to Bahrain, you’re the form man, great momentum with the team and I’m sure you can bounce back in Bahrain, right?

LH: I’ve had much worse in the first race. Honestly, I take this as a real bonus to have come back from seventh. A long, long way to go; bagged good points today.

Post-Race Press Conference

Lewis a game of two halves I think they call it. Setback at the start and a fight back at the finish. You were calling at one point for a change of strategy when you couldn’t get past the Toro Rosso in the first stint. So, some thoughts from you on tactics and also, particularly on the start and how it got away from the pair of you with Sebastian and the other Ferrari.

LH: Well, generally for me a great race. I think it was really exciting. Obviously it’s always great when you get away in the lead, especially with all the work we did in the past days, but it doesn’t always go your way. Having to fight back from behind, it’s very, very hard to follow as we all know from the history here – but ultimately the team… just really proud of what the team have done to enable us to be on the front, finish on the front today. Ferrari obviously are there and in the battle as you’ve seen today, so hopefully some exciting races coming up ahead of us. I did the best I could with a difficult start and, yeah, just grateful I got back. Damage limitation really because obviously Nico could have had a lot more points than me today.

Can you take us through your start and turn one?

LH: Fortunately I didn’t get any damage but obviously lost a lot of ground. Getting off I just fell to maybe third or fourth. I was on the outside of Nico and Nico was forced wide or something maybe and I was on the outside of him so a little bit on the astroturf and the grass so I lost a little bit of ground. Got overtaken by quite a few people and after that did something to try and fight my way back which was hard work but I enjoyed it.

With the new additional radio bans, what was the race like for you?

LH: For me it made no difference whatsoever. Didn’t enhance the race. It’s cool that we can... just for example with our engine we can control and decide what we’re going to do with it for once. Otherwise, I don’t think the changes are necessary in that area, it’s more with the car, to enable us to follow each other. Sebastian was right behind me on a better tyre but just because of the aero... that’s why he went wide, I guess. It’s just so hard to get close and that’s what we want to do, we want to be able to get close and not have to use the DRS on the straight but be tucked up because you’re slip-streaming someone.

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