2017 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix

April 16, 2017 6 p.m. (local time)
Location Bahrain International Circuit
Circuit Length 5412 km km
Laps 57
Race Distance 308.238 km
Lap Record 1:31.447 - P De la Rosa (2005)

Mercedes-Benz at the Bahrain Grand Prix

The 2004 Bahrain Grand Prix marked the first ever round of the FIA Formula One World Championship to be held in the Middle East. Located in Sakhir, 30 kilometres south-west of the island's capital, Manama, the Bahrain International Circuit was designed by Hermann Tilke and contains five track layouts within one complex.

Construction began in November 2002, with over 12,000 tonnes of stone used in the build: a third of it Welsh granite, chosen for the track surface due to its excellent adhesive qualities. The 5.412 kilometre Grand Prix circuit layout provides a unique driving experience in that the track width varies at the end of the different straights, allowing for diverse racing lines.

A revised 'endurance' track layout was used for the 2010 event, with an additional complex starting at Turn Four extending the lap to 23 corners and 6.299 kilometres. However, the original layout has been preferred in each of the nine remaining races held at the venue. 2010 also represented one of two years in which Bahrain has hosted the opening Grand Prix of the season, the other being 2006.

Silver Arrows Mercedes-Benz Power
Wins 3 4
Podiums 6 12
Pole Positions 4 4
Front Row Starts 6 8
Fastest Laps 2 4
Starts 6 12

Circuit Characteristics

Circuit Length 5.412 km
Race Laps 57
Race Distance 308.238 km
Lap Record 1:31.447
Record Holder DLR (2005)
Number of Corners 15 (6 Left / 9 Right)
Distance from Pole to Turn 1 Apex 501.9 m
Pit Lane Length Under Speed Limit Control 419.7 m
Pit Lane Time at 80 km/h 18.9 s
Braking Events 8 (4 Heavy)
Brake Energy High
Tyre Compounds 2017 Supersoft / Soft / Medium
DRS Zone T 15-1/ T 10-11
Key Overtaking Opportunities T 1/4
Track Evolution( P1 - Qualifying) Medium

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