Brawn Lifeboat Challenge smashes fundraising target

Brawn Lifeboat Challenge smashes fundraising target

The Brawn Lifeboat Challenge is a unique fundraising initiative set up by the Royal National Lifeboat Association (RNLI) in April 2010 and headed by our very own Ross Brawn.

The target was to raise £350,00headed up by Ross and set up by the RNLI in April 2010 to buy London a new lifeboat to be shared between Chiswick and Tower RNLI lifeboat stations.

In the Challenge, ten teams from some of the UK’s top companies competed against one another to raise the most money for the life-saving charity and raise enough money to buy a new lifeboat for London. The teams powered their way through the Challenge and managed to raise an extremely impressive £360,000… in just eight months!

The new lifeboat will be named ‘The Brawn Lifeboat Challenge’ and will be shared between the Chiswick and Tower RNLI lifeboat stations. The lifeboat is anticipated to be in service by early 2012, enabling the crews to continue to saves lives for years to come. The lifeboat stations at Thames and Chiswick are consistently the busiest in the whole of the RNLI. In 2010, the crews collectively carried out a staggering 720 rescue missions and were on service on the river for almost 400 hours.

Jo Dunsford, RNLI National Corporate Partnerships Manager, said: “The RNLI is hugely grateful to both Ross Brawn and all the teams that took part in the challenge. It was a new way of fundraising for us and we were extremely impressed by the commitment and enthusiasm of all those who took part. As a charity, we rely entirely on support like this.”

Ross said: “The invitation to head up The Brawn Lifeboat Challenge was one that I could not turn down. I’m very much aware of the work of the RNLI, both in London and around the coast, and its status as an independent charity. The opportunity to be involved so closely with this new initiative that is enabling the RNLI to put a new lifeboat on the River Thames is something that I am incredibly proud to be associated with.”

The Brawn Challenge teams were also vying for pole position to secure VIP tickets to the European Grand Prix in Valencia as special guests of Ross and the team. At a special awards evening held in London this month, Ross revealed that the winners - and the team who contributed the largest amount to the total raised - was the team from Zurich. They had undertaken a number of different personal challenges including sky dives, marathons and the London to Brighton bike race.

To find out more about the RNLI and the Brawn Lifeboat Challenge, please visit the RNLI website or their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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