BLOG: One Night in Budapest…

BLOG: One Night in Budapest…

You know what they say… there’s no rest for the wicked. And it turns out that applies to new Formula One winners as well as the rest of us!

No time for champagne

Just two hours off the back of claiming his maiden Grand Prix win, we joined Valtteri Bottas on his way to Sochi airport. No time for champagne; after bundling into a waiting jet, we headed for our next stop – beautiful Budapest, Hungary.

There are few better cities to wake up in than Budapest. So, after an early bit of breakfast, it was time to hustle into the city centre with the crew – following a quick riverside detour along the stunning Danube, of course.

And when we finally arrived at our destination… what a greeting! People had lined the streets of the city for the day’s special event. The Great Race – or A Nagy Futam as it’s known in Hungary – is a bumper celebration of all things motorsport, featuring not just F1’s latest winner and his Silver Arrow, but Daniel Ricciardo and our friends from Red Bull Racing too.

Not only that, we got to hang out with Robert Wickens and the Mercedes-AMG Motorsport DTM #PinkPanther! The Hungarian stars of the World Touring Car Championship were also on show while ex Grand Prix racer Karl Wendlinger made some noise in a 1995 Sauber F1 car. Not a bad way to spend a Monday afternoon, right?!

It was also the perfect opportunity to catch up with an old friend who gave us some very fond memories… the title-winning W05 from 2014. The beast looked stunning in the Hungarian sunshine, decked out in the new 2017 livery and wearing Valtteri’s #77.

F1’s latest winner Valtteri Bottas

We’ll be back in Budapest for more fun in just two months!

The countdown to the Hungarian Grand Prix is on…

While the DTM crew burned rubber – and in one case, an actual door (!!!) – the Silver Arrows demo crew fired up the W05 for the first time. The engine roared into life and we strapped Valtteri in – this was the moment!

Like only a racing driver can, Valtteri engaged full hooligan mode – shredding his way through a set of Pirelli tyres (sorry about that guys!) and delighting the Hungarian crowds with a series of shop-stopping donuts!

Formula One’s latest flying Finn even had time to give a wave through the haze of smoke. Hurtling his Silver Arrow through the tight Hungarian streets, he managed to hit a mind-boggling 250km/h and reached sixth gear… racing drivers, eh?!

After a second series of tyre-shredding donuts, it was time to box up the W05 and set off for home. 250,000 fans wowed plus victory donuts complete equalled one happy Finn!

We’ll be back in Budapest for more fun in just two months! The countdown to the Hungarian Grand Prix is on…

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