IN WORDS: “It is possible to win” – Valtteri

IN WORDS: “It is possible to win” – Valtteri

Valtteri: It was my best lap here in Monaco ever

Lewis had such a difficult time in Qualifying. How was it for you?

It was tricky. We were definitely struggling to get the car nice to drive this weekend. It was better in qualifying but not quite as good as the Ferrari. In the end it was extremely close. It is a shame that we missed the pole by a few hundreds of a second. I think there was no more in it. I'm happy with my lap. It was my best lap here in Monaco ever. We did expect Ferrari to be very quick today. We had seen that we were struggling more than them especially with the setup of the car. It was a bit of an issue getting it driveable. I was getting more comfortable with the car during the qualifying. It was not an easy car to drive but I felt more and more confident during the qualifying. This way I could extract more and more out of the car and the last lap was mega. I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately it was not quite enough to beat Ferrari.

Did you expect that Ferrari would be faster than you on this track?

Coming into the weekend it was quite difficult to know. During the practice sessions we saw that the Ferrari was very quick. Their car seems to be very driveable and stable and more in the window regarding setup and tyres. Going into qualifying we thought we would be at least two tenths behind them but I'm glad the gap was so small. It's a shame it was just four hundreds of a second. It is nice to just be a few hundreds of a second away from Ferrari but it also is a bit annoying. Ferrari was stronger all weekend. Now we have to do something better if we want to win. 

Valtteri: I'm trying to win the race for myself and the team

Are you looking forward to the race tomorrow?

I expect a long race as always here. In Monaco a lot can happen during the race even though it's difficult to overtake here. But it is a race full of opportunities every single time so many things can happen. I'm going into tomorrow thinking it is possible to win.

Do you think your race pace is better than your qualifying pace?

I think it is similar. It should be close to Ferrari. But again overtaking is nearly impossible at this track so we need to do something different with the strategy or try something at the start. These are our options. In Monaco it's also always a bit of a gamble with the safety car. If we get everything right we might get some opportunities. We're going into the race thinking we can win this race. But Ferrari has both of their cars on the front row so for the moment they have the upper hand.

What information can you share with Lewis to help him a bit for the race?

We always share everything. We try to help both drivers. Lewis got unlucky with the traffic but we will try to do everything we can.

Is it the plan for you to get in front of the two Ferraris to help Lewis in the World Championship?

I'm not thinking about helping Lewis in the World Championship. I'm trying to win the race for myself and the team.

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