IN WORDS: “I will have to take some big risks” – Lewis

IN WORDS: “I will have to take some big risks” – Lewis

Lewis: I just had no grip

Lewis, a frustrating qualifying session for you. Can you explain what happened?

I just struggled with the car. I was fighting the whole time but I just had no grip. I couldn't go any faster because the tyres were cold. I just couldn't get the tyres to work for some reason. I tried everything but it was like the tyres were cold. We've been struggling with the tyre temperatures in Sochi. This is a little bit like that. The car was great in FP1 and then it got different. Obviously Valtteri didn't have these particular struggles today. I'm definitely a bit confused but we'll put together and hopefully Valtteri will get some good points tomorrow. This weekend has been a very weird scenario with our car. We've been in an unexpected unknown area. But I'm sure we'll figure it out. Onwards and upwards.

What would have been possible without the yellow flag?

I think I would have struggled. I was giving everything I could on that last lap but then Vandoorne crashed. I couldn't believe that this happened. That lap may have just got me into the top 10 and then I probably would have struggled to get into the top 5 with the pace that I had. But it was great to see that Valtteri was able to extract this performance out of the car. Now we just have to figure out why I wasn't able to do the same.

Lewis: I have nothing to lose from where I am

What can you do over night before the race?

There is nothing you can do to the car. I'm right in the middle of the pack. It will be a real struggle just to get into the points tomorrow but that has to be the aim for me. I'll do everything I can to get higher up but it will be very tough for sure.

Do you worry about the start?

To be honest it is difficult to get into the top 10 anyway so it is not really a concern. I think tomorrow I will have to take some big risks. I have nothing to lose from where I am. I'll give everything I can to get into the points but if I'm not in the top 10 at some stage it might be sensible to save the engine. Monaco is terrible if you are as far back as I am. I'll try to stay out of trouble and try to get some points that would be good damage limitation.

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