Q&A: Lewis – “This result is not the end of the world”

Q&A: Lewis – “This result is not the end of the world”

'I had a very, very good start'

Lewis, you had a very good start. What happened after that on the way to Turn 2?

LH: I had a very, very good start. I went to the left to get into the tow from the two cars in the front but they were in front of Kimi so he got a tow from them. Then, the two cars ahead were alongside each other so I was able to get a tow from Valtteri. But Sebastian pulled in behind him so I couldn't brake and overtake either of them. I just had to settle for my position.

It was a tough weekend for you. Can you explain what happened?

LH: I don't know right now but we will do some work to fully understand it. I have some ideas but there is some work to be done to figure it out.

Was there any damage to your car after qualifying that you had to change for today?

LH: No, there wasn't. Not that I know of.

Lewis produced a battling drive to finish P4 after struggling with overheating throughout the race

Lewis (73pt) is P2 in the Drivers' Championship, 13 points behind Vettel (86pt) in P1

'In general I was lacking the pace from Saturday onwards'

On Saturday you complained about some oversteer. Did that continue in the race?

LH: The car was exactly the same in the race. Friday was a lot different. Then, going into Saturday and Sunday, the car was in the opposite direction. In general I was lacking the pace from Saturday onwards. I think I had the temperature issues from lap five onwards. From then it was a lot of turning down the settings.

Can you clarify what overheated?

LH: The engine was overheating. We don't know why.

Did the tyre issues cost you more time than the temperature issue?

LH: I was slow from yesterday onwards. As I said, I think I could have matched the times of the guys at the front. But whether or not we would have lasted as long with the setup that I had, I don’t know. With the backing off for the temperature I was losing a second at least.

'I need to recover the pace I had previously'

How do you judge your position in the championship after the first four races of the season?

LH: I don't think about all that right now. Right now we need to understand where the speed was this weekend – where I went wrong with the setup – and then come back for the next race. I'm still second in the championship. That's not the end of the world but, of course, I need to recover the pace I had previously.

Are you concerned about the reliability of your car?

LH: This weekend was not a reliability issue. It was pure pace based on the tyres, temperatures and being comfortable in the car. There is no reason for me to think about reliability. I think we have had the strongest reliability so far.

Was there a huge different between your setup and Valtteri's setup?

LH: Not a huge difference. We were quite close. A little bit of a difference in low and medium which is where I struggled – but I don't really know the details. The direction he was able to go I wasn't able to go, basically. I don't understand fully why. Our driving styles are quite similar, so I'm not quite sure what else in the car wasn't going into the right direction.

Lewis crossed the line in P4

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