GALLERY: The Silver Arrows at the US Grand Prix


Our US Grand Prix story so far...

  • 2012 - Michael suits up for his first laps at the Circuit of The Americas

  • 2012 - Michael hustled the W03 to P5 on the grid.... but neither Silver Arrow would make it into the points

  • 2013 - Nico battled from a tricky qualifying to score his first COTA points in P9

  • 2013 - Who’s that wearing red? Lewis scrapped at the front to take home fourth in a special one-off lid

  • 2014 - Bam! A first US Grand Prix pole for Nico and the Silver Arrows...

  • 2014 - But Lewis had the edge in the race, sweeping past his team-mate for the lead

  • 2014 - YES! Victory for Lewis and our first Formula 1 win in the USA

  • 2015 - Qualifying was an absolute washout on Saturday, meaning Nico had to wait until Sunday morning to claim pole

  • 2015 - LIGHTS OUT! And Lewis and Nico went wheel to wheel in their fight for the championship

  • 2015 - Winners AGAIN! Lewis mastered the wet conditions to win his THIRD world title

  • 2015 - Drink it up... Champion for a third time in Formula 1

  • 2015 - #WonMoreTime! Constructors’ Champions for a second time!

  • 2015 - Welcome to the club, Lewis... Two Triple F1 Word Champions

  • 2015 - CHAMPIONS!

  • 2016 - Pressure on, Lewis went to the USA knowing he had to win to keep his title hopes alive...

  • 2016 - That’ll do the job! A FOURTH win in Austin for Lewis and his FIFTH win in the USA

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